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Reactive spaces is an API which allows for easy developmment of distributed web apps that use the Microsoft Kinect. Reactive Spaces is a three part system. There is a server, which deals with connecting instances of the same app and passing messages back and forth between them. Then, there is the JavaScript library which facilitates the use of Reactive Spaces in your web page. Finally, there is the desktop app, which reads data from the Kinect and acts as the messenger between the server and the web browser. All together you get a robust, distributed system and easy app development.


Reactive Spaces is ready to go right out of the box. To get started, download our desktop app. You don't need to have or use the Kinect functionality but you'll also need to install the Kinect Runtime or Kinect SDK v1.8. Once the desktop app is running, you can play any of the games hosted in our projects section, or start developing your own.

We will try to host a server here, but unfortunately we cannot guarentee it's reliablility. If the desktop app is having trouble connecting, try hosting your own server locally. Our server runs on any installation of node.js. Once you have a server connection, simple send javascript objects back and forth between app instances using RS.Send( object );


Once you're ready for development, head over to our documentation page to find information about the functionality of the API. We've tried to document everything in a clear, concise manner, but please get in touch if you think something could be improved.



There are endless possibilities for Reactive Spaces. Below is a video of our demo game in action at Carleton University. Check out the game yourself on the projects page. Get in touch if you'd like to see your project hosted here.

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